Bob Bauer was indeed a pleasure to work with. At the top of his abilities list I would have to say is communication. If you have built in the past, and I have, you realize the importance of communication. Bob kept us informed well in advance of decisions that had to be made along with any suggestions he had, options, the newest and best methods, and best prices available. He listened to our wants and needs and made it happen. Bob's attention to detail, knowledge of the business and dedication to getting the job done (in our case ahead of schedule) made building our home at the Boardwalk a very positive and enjoyable experience. We definitely would use him again.

- Dexter and Jennifer Rakes

Dear Bob, We wanted to formalize our appreciation for all you did in building our house. As you know, we are very proud of the house. Tammy had a very specific idea as to the overall "atmosphere" both inside and outside the house. Needless to say, the house is exactly what she envisioned. Although we could not comment on all the positives, we would like to compliment you on a few specifics that I think would be important to any prospective home builder. - Control of sub-contractors. The quality and completion time are largely based on the dependability of your sub-contractors. You did a masterful job of keeping the job on track. In fact, you finished 2 weeks earlier than we expected. - Attention to detail- One of the sub-contractors told us that you always seem to put a few extras in a job that other builders leave out. I would agree. - Customer Service - Regardless of what prospective builders think the job of the contractor is, your primary job is meeting the needs of your clients. We called you often during the building process (Tammy more than me), and you always gave us your attention and a professional response. In addition, you continue to answer our questions after we took possession of the home. - Partnership with the home designer - The communication between Eric Buck, President of CHD, and you streamlined the process. In summary Bob, we would recommend you to any prospective client due to those attributes and many more.

- Eddie and Tammy Hill, March 2008

Dear Bob: Thank you! You delivered the Corley/Smart Dream Home in magnificent fashion. In our mind you are without question the finest builder on Smith Mountain one delivers a better home at anywhere near the value! Every faucet of the construction process was enjoyable due to your unmatched standards. You made us essential members of the building team from start to finish and afforded us a genuine "hands on" experience throughout the process. Your constant communication was commendable. You helped us "see" issues with our design before problems developed and made the final product more than we could have hoped. Your constant emails; routine photographs; frequent phone calls; and you're always available style kept the project on track and us fully aware. Now that we are living in our home we are even more appreciative of the unsurpassed quality. The materials are top notch and the construction without equal. You selected and directed a team that exceeded our exacting standards. We are the beneficiaries of a forever dream home thanks to you!

- John Corley & Alice Smart, December 2010

As a single woman that traveled away on business every week, many friends thought I was taking on quite a bit to build a house by myself. Just the process of finding the right builder appeared to be a monumental task. Then I was referred to Bob Bauer and everything began to fall into place. From the initial interview with Bob I knew he would be great to work with. He immediately and graciously told me the house design I wanted would never look completely right on my steep lake lot and we began from there. Bob recommended a design engineer that he felt could deliver me the home I desired, but one that would be attractive from all views. In a few short weeks, we had a house design and the work began. From the tear down, and through the building process Bob was always professional. I was primarily able to be on the job site only on weekends, so many decisions had to be made by telephone. Bob was easily accessible and a pleasure to work with. His crews are top notch, the work performed exceptional, and on time. I have loved my home for two years now, and recommend Bob to everyone. Since that time I have married and my husband and I have a large renovation project on a new property. Of course, Bob is our builder and this project experience is just as great as when I built my home. So you can see, I truly recommend Bob Bauer

- Kimberley Harden Tyson

Mr. Robert R. Bauer Building Contractors, Inc. 3335 White House Rd. Moneta, VA 24121 Dear Bob: We want to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone who worked so hard to make our dream home a reality. After years of planning and design, we researched many of the area home builders, and your reputation was among the best. Now that we have lived in our home for several months, we can honestly say we are grateful that we selected you. Beyond the obvious quality of the materials and workmanship provided by you and your sub-contractors, we want to personally thank you for the interest you took in making our home even better than we envisioned. You did a wonderful job of situating the home on the site to its best advantage. When there was an area of unanticipated rock excavation for the foundation, you took the initiative to provide for a basement wine cellar in that area, knowing that we had mentioned wanting one. We also appreciated your willingness to address issues or make changes both during and after construction. Your commitment to meeting our needs made this an enjoyable experience which is rare in the home-building industry. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference or to invite potential clients to contact us about visiting our home - we love showing it to others.

- Bob & Gay Olsen, May 2009

As we started the process of building our lake home, we were insistent on three main qualities for any potential builder. Trustworthiness was the foundation on which to build our relationship, a commitment to quality methods and materials was essential to execute our plans, and a willingness to exchange ideas openly and honestly was the framework for success. We chose Bob Bauer from several candidates because we believed his approach and sincerity best exemplified these essential qualities. Upon completion of our beautiful home, we were proven right as Bob and his team delivered on all aspects. Questions were addressed promptly and issues leading to changes or modifications were not only dealt with swiftly, but many times were the result of input from Bob and his team. Bob provided personal attention during the entire project, while maintaining a job site that was clean, organized and minimally intrusive to the neighborhood. We highly recommend Bob.

- Bob & Leslie Waggoner

The design on our home was nearing completion and we put together a list of building contractors and began to interview them. We narrowed the list down to three and requested each provide us with a bid for the project. After looking at each bid, we found that Bob’s estimate contained more detail in each area of the building process than either of the other contractors. Bob took the time to sit with us and explain in detail each element of the bid, the cost basis and which areas could be subject to increase should unexpected conditions be encountered. For example, if hard rock were encountered during excavation, he would have to expand the means used to remove the rock. At the end of the process, we were within one percent of Bob’s estimated cost for the contract less changes we had elected to make ourselves. We prepared our specifications for all of the things that must be selected during the building process. Bob applied our specifications throughout the building process and was flexible in terms of allowing us to change our choices. During the construction process, we were not able to visit the site as often as we would have liked. Bob went above and beyond the call of duty in taking pictures and placing them on his company web site. This allowed us to keep up with the project between visits. We were able to spot several conflicts between our specifications and the plans and get them resolved prior to the point of no return. The quality of the construction was very good. Bob corrected the very few workmanship questions that came up quickly and to our satisfaction. As our home took shape, Bob was very amenable and flexible to changes in the design. When several areas in the great room did not turn out to our satisfaction, Bob smoothly halted the work in those areas, took our solution designs, and translated them into quality finished product. Following construction and after we gained occupancy, Bob has been very supportive in correcting the few problems we discovered in our home. The one serious problem we had with our septic system, caused by an error in the county community sewage drawing was quickly identified and corrected. This was our first experience in designing and building a house. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had Bob Bauer to build our home. Having researched the building process in advance, we avoided problems that people had reported – I attribute this to Bob Bauer and to the attention and quality that he achieves in his building products.

- Carl V. and Deborah Y. Mauney

After considering numerous references and meeting with a total of 6 builders, our “gut” was you would be easy to work with and worthy of the necessary trust we would place in you during our long distance relationship. This decision was validated nearly every time your name came up in conversation with people in the area during the last two years; you have an outstanding reputation which we now can attest to as well deserved. Your frequent communication, responsiveness and honesty helped to reduce the stress and make building process a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You took our gorgeous lake and mountain view, were quick to grasp our ideas and rustic taste and build our dream home around it. You began by laying out the process, cost and schedule in detail. You allowed us to be involved in all aspects of the project and adapted quickly and fairly to the changes we requested. Finally, you delivered our dream vacation (and someday retirement) home.

- Dave & Anne Malsbury

First of all Sandy and I would truly like to thank you and your professional team for helping us acheive our life long dream of living on Smith Mountain Lake and creating our beautiful custom dream home. Its very rare these days to find a builder that delivers a quality home both on time and on budget. You did both and most importantly you were honest and flexible with us throughout the entire building process. Living out of town and building a home can be very stressful, but with your committment to ongong meetings and weekly phone calls there were no hidden surprizes and we knew exactly where we stood in the process each week. In addition, your committment to delivering a high quality product far surpasses any builder we’ve ever worked with. We have been in our home for almost 3 months now and couldnt be happerier with the finished product. It far exceeds our expectations and we know if there are any issues you and your team will be quick to resolve the problem. This was truly an enjoyable and stress free experience and we thank you for that. Any future work to our home will be done by Bob and his team without a doubt. If you‘re in need of a builder to contruct your dream home at SML dont waste time interviewing multiple builders. Bob is by far the best builder on the lake and you’ll have no regrets from start to finish !!!

- Glenn & Sandy Myers

Dear Bob, Here are some thoughts from Jenni and I that you are free to use on your web site or in other ways to promote your home building business. As always, we are happy for you to show our home to any prospective clients. My wife and I selected Bob Bauer to build our retirement home at Smith Mountain Lake after much searching and a personal interview with Bob. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. I have spent 35 years working in research for the construction industry as was well aware of the nightmares people often have in building their home. It is not uncommon for the process to end with very bitter relationships (or worse) between the homeowner and the builder. The opposite happened to us. We ended with a strong personal friendship with Bob that is sure to last. His work for us was simply outstanding. There are many things that stand out to us about Bob and his company. He strives for and obtains true quality every step of the way. He has a great group of partners and subcontractors that have worked with him for years. We were fortunate to be able to visit the construction site often and get to know them personally. They know what he expects and they deliver the quality that he demands. Bob was a great communicator throughout the entire process. It started at the beginning when he laid out his process, planned costs in detail, and his schedule. All during the construction, we knew exactly what to expect and what it would cost. He amazed us by finishing almost two months ahead of schedule and there were no surprises, except pleasant ones. He often advised us on how to save money as well as select options that would be extremely durable and energy saving over the life of our home. My special interest in building this home was to make it a super energy efficient one. Bob and I saw eye-to-eye on this from the beginning. In fact, he recommended many of the features before I requested them; 2x6 wall construction, the very best insulation, extremely high performance windows, the highest energy efficient heat pumps available, exterior ground insulation all around the basement (beyond what is normally done) and exterior siding that by all accounts is expected to be maintenance free for years to come. The quality of the joining techniques, house wrapping, installation of the insulation, etc. was the best I have seen. We are in the middle of our first winter and we have never lived in a house so warm and so free of drafts. We couldn’t have expected anything this good. My wife and I highly recommend Bob Bauer as a home builder. He is highly experienced, honest, ethical, a great communicator, and a quality builder. He has no bluster like many home builders we have known. He tells you what he will do and then delivers. You couldn’t do better than selecting Bob Bauer to build your home.

- Jim Hill - Moneta, VA

Our remodeled home at Smith Mountain Lake is unique in functionality and quality as a result of the amazing workmanship and skill of Bob Bauer's team. Bob's attention to detail, pride in his work and accessibility to us as homeowners during this major reconstruction was unsurpassed. We love everything about our newly remodeled home and are very proud to show it off to our friends and family.

- Keith & Jennifer Brownell

We are excited to recommend Robert R. Bauer Building Contractors, Inc for your construction projects. Bob and his team built us a quality custom lakefront house that we are proud to call our home. Throughout the construction process Bob and his team kept us informed and shared pictures as the house began to take shape. Bob acted as a trusted advisor helping us through the process of selecting materials and making decisions on proposed changes. Bob listened to how we wanted to use our home and made recommendations consistent with our taste and our desires. As an example, Bob understood our desire to keep things as “natural” as possible. His recommendation to use landscape boulders and stone steps in place of tumbled stone retaining walls was spot on and resulted in the “natural” look we were looking for. Bob and his team sweat the small stuff and that is what makes the homes he builds such a quality home. Everything from the foundation, framing, insulation, siding and roofing is done right. If something wasn’t done quite right, Bob’s team stepped up and fixed it; without being told to do so. When some sub-standard material was delivered to the work site, Bob and his team contacted the supplier and demanded it be returned replacing it with the quality of material that was expected. Robert R. Bauer Building Contractors, Inc does quality work. We were fortunate to have them build our new home and highly recommend them for your construction project.

- Neil & Kathy Harrington

Dear Bob, As you know, we have had the experience of building eight new houses in four different states ove the years of our marriage. Our selection of a company to build our new house at Smith Mountain Lake took us three years, as we looked at several quality builders before selecting your company. Our experience in working with you and your company was unsurpassed. Your willingness to involve us in every aspect of the construction process was refresing, as past builders have not been as informative. Your work crews were always helpful whenever we had questions and were always friendly and easy to approach. Any change orders we decided on were discussed fully with you and we feel that the end product is the highest quality home we could have hoped for. Your attention to detail, use of highest quality materials, and quick follow-up on requests have been greatly appreciated. On a personal note, your calm approach and helpful ideas made the whole construction process less stressful for us, and we actually enjoyed building our new home. We were in a hurry to have our home completed, since we had moved from another state to this area, and were in temporary housing. You were able to deliver our finished home four months earlier than promised, and without sacrificing quality. Your assistant, Jennifer Pace, has also been very helpful and quick to follow up on any requests. We are very pleased with our new home and we highly recommend your company to anyone who wishes to build a high quality custom-built home, at a price that is fair. Thank you for your diligence and hard work in the construction of our new home.

- Ritchie & Shelton Duffy

Dear Bob, We would like to express our thanks to you and your entire crew for the excellent work you did constructing our home on Smith Mountain Lake. Your experience in home construction helped guide us through the many choices required when building a custom home. Even when we were not able to be on site, you kept us informed, on schedule and within budget. Beginning with the wonderful design plan and site placement, followed by construction, interior finish and final grade, we were impressed with your commitment to quality workmanship. Your use of environmentally friendly construction practices and you network of experienced craftsmen led to the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system that has significantly lowered our heating and cooling costs This resulted in Earthcraft Homes of Virginia certification. Finally, we would like you to know that your personal pledge to satisfy your clients will continue to build your reputation as a great builder !

- Roger & Joanne Fritz

When you talk to people who have built a house, few would say they enjoyed the process. Robert Bauer recently completed building a custom home for us on Smith Mountain Lake and we would not hesitate to recommend him. We stood in line based on his reputation and it was worth the wait. Bob Bauer's honesty and integrity is unquestionable. He was always fair when dealing with his suppliers, and demanded only the best work from his trades. Bob has experience to draw on, attention to detail you only get from a hands on builder, and the common sense to get the job done. Most valuable to us were Bob's people skills. He has a gift for listening and reasoning. He patiently took our ideas and created a home that will be enjoyed for generations to come. He builds with quality in mind and makes decisions based on his high standards. Bob exceeded our expectations on all counts. His straightforward approach to working with people made this building process truly enjoyable.

- Steve and Sherry Purdy

When building a home "long distance" there has to be A LOT of trust between the builder and future home owner. After meeting with a couple of builders around the lake, Bob seemed to be the one we could rely on the most. We're happy to say we were right. He has "top-notch" experience in building a quality home, excellent communication skills w/ the customers, a work ethic everyone appreciates, completed the job on time, and most important he's true to his word. Along with having good rapport with his sub-contractors, they also understood the importance of doing a job the right way. If it wasn't right, Bob had no problem addressing it. Bob also has a first-class group of vendors working with him on cabinets, materials fixtures, etc. We also think it's important to note by investing in his own company with Jennifer for staff and administrative support, it helps clear his way to focus on building and customer needs. If you're not sure if Bob is the builder for you, think about the fact just this past year he was innovative enough to also begin a customer/builder website to help make sure all vendors are on the 'same page' with the customer. He routinely sent us pictures of our house's progress! Last, but not least, and it's already been stated on other testimonials on this website, he always accepted and returned phone calls, giving us all the time we needed to explain situations, make suggestions, and answer questions. If we add rooms, or do major upgrades, Bob Bauer will no doubt be the builder we call.

- Terri & David Shea, August 2008

Bob, Thank you for building our dream home at Smith Mountain Lake. You said to us many times that you were thankful that we had given your company the opportunity to build our home and you have genuinely demonstrated your appreciation by turning our dream into reality. Your outstanding professional expertise and guidance throughout the building process has been greatly appreciated and we will always be thankful. We are your biggest fans and wish you the best. We highly recommend you and your team to anyone planning to build a home at Smith Mountain Lake.

- Terry & Dee Chisholm

I wholeheartedly recommend Robert Bauer Building Contractors for any home building or remodeling project. Bob and his team built our custom home on Smith Mountain Lake, and we have been thoroughly pleased with the home as well as with Bob and his people. We selected Bob from six other contractors for several reasons. First he had exceptional recommendations from those who had used his services, including from several whose opinions we strongly valued. Second, his bid and proposal presentations were thorough and detailed, and he was willing to commit to a fixed-price on much of the job. Naturally, there were components where our requirements or our material choices were not yet fully known, and those were on an allowance or cost-plus basis. The bottom-line was that we felt we knew upfront the costs involved. And in fact, except for areas where we opted for a more expensive approach or material, where we added or changed requirements, or where we experienced "fact of life" increases such as storm drainage issues, Bob's estimates were remarkably close to what we actually experienced. As the job progressed, Bob's team kept us closely informed as to their progress. We were not residing in the area during construction, so this was very important to us and allowed us to be sure we were on-site during critical times when eyes-on decisions were needed. Bob's process of progress payments was clear and fairly administered. I was particularly impressed with Bob's supplier flexibility during the building phase. On several occasions, we were not thrilled with the options provided by local suppliers and sought sources outside the area. For example, we wanted solid core, custom Lyptus doors finished to match the custom cabinets. We found a vendor online that appeared to meet our requirements. Bob performed due diligence on this supplier's quality and reliability. He also coordinated with the cabinet maker to provide the finish "recipe" to the door manufacturer who provided a sample. Once we were satisfied of the match, Bob ordered the doors, tracked their progress and insured their timely delivery and installation. We went through the same process for entrance way and garage doors and again, a flawless execution. I'd be remiss if I didn't also comment on Bob's selection of subcontractors. Bob's been here for a while and has local information superiority. His selection of subs was experience-driven, and while they might not have been the "lowest bidders", they were the "best value" choices...exactly what we wanted. As to schedule, there are a lot of moving pieces in building a custom home. Bob managed them as best as they could be, and once all requirements were nailed down, he provided an occupancy forecast that proved to be spot on. I'll admit that during the construction "heat of battle", I had my doubts, but I was pleasantly surprised when it all came together as he had forecast. We've been in our home now for over a year and there have had remarkably few post-construction issues, but whenever we've had a problem, Bob fixed it. Moreover, he's been very responsive, reacting to issues even on weekends if required. No question, Bob's warranty is rock-solid. Were we to build another home in this area, we'd select Bob to build it.

- Walter Hogle