Robert R. Bauer Building Contractors, Inc. builds and remodels homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area.

At RRB Building Contractors, Inc.

we believe that home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream. At the heart, where hard work shapes itself into a comfortable place for family and friends to gather, and where children grow and where memories are cherished for a lifetime. Our sense of pride and commitment to quality is apparent in every home we build. After being in business for more than a quarter century our core philosophy remains the same. One home, one buyer, one dream at a time.

What does it mean to be a "Green Builder?"

It is a commitment to the use of more ecologically-friendly products and practices in our day-to-day operations. The following characteristics are general rules of thumb in determining if a product or practice can be considered "green." Improve the indoor air quality of a home. Lower pressure on the environment through the use of products that support responsible manufacturing and sustainable harvesting of natural resources, such as lumber, water, and extracted minerals.

• Reduce the use of water throughout a home
• Reduce the "carbon footprint" of a home the CO 2 resulting from the energy burned to heat and cool a home over its lifetime
• Reduce the chemical danger and exposure risks to people working on, or eventually living in, the home
• Reduce the amount of building products that can

Some products that are now commonly available for home building are considered "green" by today's standards

Fiber Cement Siding made from more than 30: pre-consumer recycled material. Fiber cement formula is incorporated with fly ash, a pre-consumer by-product from electric generation at coal fired facilities, diverting over 50,000 tons from landfills each year. This fly ash composition is safer for the build and eventual homeowner than the silica composition that may be found in some Fiber Cement boards.
GAF/Elk Timberline Cool Color Roofing Life Time shingles that slow heat build-up to make homes more energy efficient. These shingles feature highly reflective roofing granules that bounce back the sun's ray and more effectively release absorbed heat. Cool Color Series shingles are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council and meet initial Energy Star performance levels.
Composite Decking & Railing Zero trees are cut down to make composite decking products. Composite decking is made of up to 98% recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood fibers. Over 300 million pounds of sawdust and 1.5 billion grocery bags are recycled and used in composite decking products each year.

We, at Robert R. Bauer Building Contractors, Inc. are committed to providing our customer with energy-efficient homes that are gentle on the environment and are healthier for the homeowner.